Market Research — What is it exactly?

  • Buying something new e.g. a product, service or brand
  • Buying more of something e.g. low calorie or low carb foods
  • Buying less of something e.g. leaded petrol
  • Starting to do something e.g. exercising
  • Stopping doing something e.g. smoking
  • Doing more of the same, or maintaining the status quo e.g. a healthy lifestyle
  1. Market as well as suggesting agricultural goods, might also suggest those things you find in the middle of small towns on Thursdays, you know, the rows of stalls selling fruit, flowers and cheap fleeces. Or perhaps a farmers’ market on a Saturday morning, selling posher fruit, chutneys and perhaps branded leisure apparel. Nice, but not very hi tech. Of course as marketers, when we talk of markets we usually mean the people in the market not the market itself. Much of what we do is actually to understand or explain human behaviour. So, it’s all about people, rather than the market itself — those people being termed consumers, customers, users, prospects, employees or other such descriptor.
  2. Research. Then of course we have that word research. Paired with other words like financial, medical, or even political, research can sound quite good, cutting edge even sexy (no, not sexy). But paired with market it sounds just, a little dull.
  • Business Intelligence
  • Customer Insights
  • Marketing Information



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Paul Latimer

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